Visiting the Himba people in Northern Namibia with our baby.

My name is Samantha Runkel, a recording artist-turned-world traveler, aspiring writer, wife to a travel photographer, Californian living in Germany, children's music artist and my favorite moniker du jour, mom to an amazing little girl. Hmm, am I missing something? I've been told I speak German with an "endearing" American accent. Which we all know is code for "needs work".

Welcome to my journal of curiosities, or at the very least, a digital scrapbook my daughter will one day be totally embarrassed by.

I spent over a decade in the music industry as a musician and songwriter making albums and touring with artists such as Ziggy Marley & the Dave Matthews Band. While on a spontaneous trip to Antarctica (because everyone goes to Antarctica spontaneously) I met my future husband and followed him around the world, literally. Because, love!

Since we travel far and wide for Michael's work, I know it's my responsibility to transmit (as well as I can) stories of the planet's beautiful humanity through the eyes (and ears) of a mom/musician. Thanks for reading, Samantha

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